July 10, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

Staking your future on a house of cards may not seem like the best idea for a career. And yet, Sam Rosenthal dealt himself a winning hand with his studio’s game, Where Cards Fall — one more than nine years in the making. “Where Cards Fall was a labor of love for the better part of my life,” he says. Originating as a student project while Rosenthal attended USC, the game evolved over years of late-night coffee shop sessions into a 2020 Apple Design Award winner. “We wouldn’t let [Where Cards Fall] go,” he says. “We had confidence that we were…

July 9, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

While we’d all prefer it if our apps never crashed, the logs captured from those crashes can help you troubleshoot bugs and get your app up and running again. If and when something goes awry, your app automatically gathers crash reports from people who have opted in to send you anonymized crash data. And you can view that data using the Xcode Organizer on your Mac. Note: While there are several third-party analytics tools that can also provide information on crashing threads when incorporated into your app, you may not always be able to see the full backtrace. Additionally, the…

July 6, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

The App Store Connect API now offers greater flexibility to automate and customize workflows for your app. With these new capabilities, you can: Build and maintain your App Store product page by uploading and managing assets like screenshots, app previews, app description, and more. Create new versions of your app, set up pre-orders, manage phased releases for version updates, and submit your app to App Review. Monitor app performance indicators by downloading power and performance metrics and diagnostics logs. Manage additional resources associated with your developer account, such as unified software signing certificates, multiplatform App IDs, and capabilities. Learn more…

July 2, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

An eye-catching icon or splash of color can focus attention and help people locate the right information inside your app. Consider designing those assets in the Display P3 color space: They’ll look richer and more vibrant on any device with a wide color gamut display. You can find wide color gamut Retina displays on most Macs, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. They bring more true-to-life colors and deep hues to the screen, not only making for excellent image and video viewing but also heightening people’s everyday app experience. Use Display P3 assets in your app to amplify…

June 29, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

The Apple Design Awards celebrate innovation, ingenuity, design excellence, and outstanding technical achievement. A WWDC tradition, the ADAs highlight those who take thoughtful and creative approaches to their apps and games, giving people new ways to work, play, or imagine things that were never before possible. “We’ve been awarding great design for more than two decades now, and each year’s winners set new standards for others to emulate,” said John Geleynse, Senior Director of Evangelism and longtime host of the Apple Design Awards. This year’s winners are no different: Their apps are beautiful, intuitive, captivating and delightful. They spring from…

June 25, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

Earlier this year, students from all around the world put their passion, ingenuity, and determination to work crafting Swift playground projects for the WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge. Students from 60 different countries and regions brought their talents to the table, using the challenge’s three-minute limit to stretch their imaginations and explore Apple’s frameworks and technologies. The resulting 350 Swift Student Challenge winners have created AR experiences, projects powered by machine learning, educational material, virtual musical instruments, 8-bit games, and so much more. Swipe to unlockIn 2019, after having studied just one month at the Apple Developer Academy in Porto Alegre,…

June 24, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

New tools in Core ML enable secure, cloud-based model deployment and model encryption, Create ML offers new templates and training capabilities, and new APIs for Vision and Natural Language give your apps more power. You can also work with third-party training libraries more easily with updated model converters and accelerated training support on Mac. Learn more >Powered by WPeMatico

June 24, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

Now games with Game Center capabilities display a beautifully redesigned in-game dashboard on iOS, tvOS, and macOS. Users can see their achievements, leaderboards, and Game Center profiles directly in your game when you implement the new Access Point. Game Center also now supports recurring leaderboards that keep rankings current, as well as leaderboards for daily, weekly, and monthly competitions. You can set up recurring leaderboards, add achievements, and opt in to the challenges feature in App Store Connect. Learn more >Powered by WPeMatico

June 24, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

App Store server notifications now include refund notifications for all types of in-app purchases, including consumables, non-consumables, and non-renewing subscriptions. You can use this information to take action in response, let the user know of any benefit changes, and tell them how to resubscribe. Learn how to enable status update notifications > Learn how to handle refund notifications >Powered by WPeMatico

June 24, 2020 CuttingEdgeTech

ARKit 4 introduces brand-new features that make the AR experiences in your apps even more lifelike. You can now access even more precise distance information gathered by the LiDAR Scanner on iPad Pro using Depth API, place AR experiences at a specific point in the world with Location Anchors, and more. Learn more >Powered by WPeMatico