October 11, 2019 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

Start freeing up drive space. This week’s news is all about Call of Duty and Red Dead and their massive install footprints, plus Blizzard’s troubles with China, a new Surviving Mars spin-off, a Doom delay, a detective game that involves Picross, and more.

This is gaming news for October 7 to 11.

Survival is cheap

This week’s Epic Games Store freebie comes with a side helping of news. Paradox is giving away Haemimont’s space-age city builder Surviving Mars, along with last year’s Space Race expansion. I haven’t been back since the earliest days, but I’ve heard Space Race and the latter Green Planet expansions have put the game in a much better state than it was at launch. And hey, as always: It’s free. No reason not to grab it.

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