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This is it! The final day of WWDC. (We can’t believe it, either.) Before we power down, however, we’ve got one more big day of events and activities for you.

Relive the week

It’s been a busy week — and we understand if you missed some of the action. Catch up quickly with our video recaps of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

  • WWDC21


  • WWDC21


  • WWDC21


  • WWDC21


Day 5 in the WWDC pavilions

There’s still lots to explore in the pavilions. Discover how to design for Safari 15 in the Safari & Web pavilion. Learn how to practice audio haptic design in the Audio & Video pavilion. And find out how to build a research and care app in the Health & Fitness pavilion.

  • Coming Jun 11

Design for Safari 15

  • Coming Jun 11

Practice audio haptic design

Code-Along: Build a Research and Care app

  • Coming Jun 11

Write a DSL in Swift using result builders

  • Coming Jun 11

Explore advanced project configuration in Xcode

  • Coming Jun 11

Create 3D workflows with USD

Accept these Friday challenges

The responses to the #WWDC21Challenges this week have been fantastic. You’ve captured 3D objects and designed SwiftUI interfaces for your apps in the style of old Apple design language. You’ve resolved pesky memory issues in code by capturing flags, and designed and created ShazamKit companion apps.

Developer Laurence Moroney built an app for the “Build an app using built-in Sound Classification” challenge that takes the built-in sound classes and renders them as emoji.

Developer Laurence Moroney built an app for the “Build an app using built-in Sound Classification” challenge that takes the built-in sound classes and renders them as emoji.

We’re wowed by the things you’ve created — and now, it’s the last day to show off your skills.

Explore #WWDC21Challenges on social media

Explore spatial audio soundscapes and learn how to craft compelling stories with multichannel audio. Build a prototype in SwiftUI. And solve a pitch-black maze entirely using VoiceOver.

Challenge: Prototype with SwiftUI

Challenge: Explore spatial audio soundscapes

Challenge: VoiceOver Maze

Drop in on the Digital Lounges

The WWDC21 Digital Lounges have been so much fun, but it’s almost time to say goodbye. The lounges will close at 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, but there’s still time to stop by SwiftUI Office Hours, meet the presenters in the Machine Learning lounge, and connect with the developer tools and accessibility teams. Don’t be shy — if you haven’t stopped by the Digital Lounges yet, we’d love to meet you still.

Explore the Accessibility Digital Lounge

Explore the Developer Tools Digital Lounge

Explore the Machine Learning Digital Lounge

Explore the SwiftUI Digital Lounge

We want your feedback

How was your WWDC21? Take five minutes and let us know your thoughts about this year’s conference by filling out the official WWDC21 Developer Survey. We’d love to hear from you.

Take part in the WWDC21 Developer Survey

Spotlight on accessibility

How do you approach creating apps for everyone? Learn from developers who are blind or deaf themselves as they discuss the process of making technology accessible. Discover how their unique perspectives have sparked innovation at their companies and helped make their apps even more inclusive.

  • Coming Jun 11

Developer spotlight: Accessibility

Join our final Mindful Cooldown for Coding

There’s been so much excitement this week: At 3 p.m. PDT, wind down with one final Mindful Cooldown for Coding from our friends at Fitness+.

  • Coming Jun 11

Friday’s Mindful Cooldown for Coding… brought to you by Fitness+

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for spending your week with us, watching sessions, participating in our Digital Lounges, asking questions in the Developer Forums and 1-to-1 labs, trying daily challenges, and having fun.

And remember: While WWDC21 may be over, our session and labs content will be available all year round in the Developer app for you to consult when you’re ready to start working on the next thing.

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