July 22, 2021 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

PDF Architect is easily the most unique PDF program we’ve come across. It’s offered as a free download and three different paid packages, each containing a specific set of PDF tools it calls “modules.” As you move up the payment tiers, more of these modules are unlocked, expanding how much editing power you have over your PDFs.

The “create” module, for example, lets you read existing PDFs and convert a multitude of document types into the format. It also allows you to merge PDFs and move and delete pages within a single PDF. As the foundational module, it’s available with all four plans. The “edit” module is where you can really start manipulating PDF content, and as such it’s only available as part of the three paid plans. The top-level PRO + OCR plan gives you the most robust PDF editor, including all the creation, editing, converting, and reviewing capabilities PDF Architect 8 offers, plus Optical Character Recognition.

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