February 5, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

In an age when smartphones are pushing the $1,000 barrier, the $200 Honor 7X is a standout. It ticks off almost all the boxes of a 2018 handset—18:9 Full HD screen, skinny bezels, a sleek, all-metal design, and a dual camera. The only thing it’s missing? A USB-C port.

That’s right, the Honor 7X has the distinction of being one of the last phones to feature a micro USB port for charging instead of USB-C. Blame the price if you must, but even budget phones such as the Alcatel Idol 5s and the Moto X4 feature USB-C, a connection that’s faster and much less fiddly (because there’s no right-side-up) than micro USB. The lack of it on the Honor 7X is notable and unfortunate.

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