November 8, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

It starts with a small roadside bar, and a man yelling into his phone. “Get me out of here, Dex.” The man is P-Power, celebrity tattoo artist. Poor old P-Power’s been called down to Colombia to correct a neck tattoo on local cartel boss Rico Delgado. “He kills people, for fun!” says P-Power. “What if he doesn’t like my work?”

Lucky for P-Power that’s not a concern. I lure the poor artist out back, choke him out, steal his clothes, and toss him in a dumpster. Dressed as P-Power I head to the mansion, wait patiently for the cartel’s men to frisk me—I don’t need weapons. I take a selfie with Delgado’s wife, follow her into his office, and pick up the tattoo gun.

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