June 12, 2019 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

Ask any fan of the Fire Emblem series, and they’ll probably tell you how much time they spend agonizing over the little details in these turn-based strategy games: Where to position your characters, which hero should get the killing blow to gain the most experience, or what type of unit class they should promote into when the time is right. With Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the amount of planning you can do reaches whole new levels — as you can start planning your dream roster years before they’ll truly enter the wages of war.

Unlike other Fire Emblem games, the story of Three Houses is separated into two main acts: the first finds your customizable protagonist entering the Garreg Mach Monastery to train soldiers and lords of one of three countries. the second is set five years later, when as-of-yet unknown story developments draw the titular houses into a full-on war. We haven’t been told what the catalyst for this war is, but you can expect to face the very same people you’ll meet at the school.

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