June 12, 2019 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

The Outer Worlds reveal trailer showed hyper-capitalist cities, the choice to be a hero or a psychopath, and plenty of gunplay, which, to be honest, hadn’t done much to pique my interest. So I was shocked when I left the behind-closed-doors demo viewing eager to dive into this twisted and charming world.

I think most games suck at self-aware gags and off-color cultural commentary. When people are laughing at nods to streamer life, selfies, and hashtags, I’m usually rolling my eyes and waiting for it to be over. And I think capitalism gone awry” is played-out subject matter that’s rarely well-executed. By all accounts, The Outer Worlds shouldn’t be for me. But it absolutely is. In fact, The Outer Worlds is setting itself up to be for everyone through its wide array of choices, multiple-ending storyline, and playful environmental details.

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