June 13, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

It’s hard to compare core Pokemon games with Pokemon Go. After years of random encounters in tall grass, strategically fighting Pokemon to leave a sliver of health for easier catching, and carefully balancing the levels of a full party, it feels foreign for hardcore players to spend time with a Pokemon game that features none of those things.

But Pokemon Go does add a few new features that have always been missing from the main series. Actually aiming and throwing a ball to catch a Pokemon is something I would have killed for as a kid, and seeing a Pokemon on the overworld eliminates the guesswork when you’re looking to catch something specific.

In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, those features are introduced to the main series, and while we haven’t gotten to see much of Kanto yet, a demo at E3 did let us wander around part of a route early in the game to try out catching Pokemon and battling against trainers.

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