August 13, 2019 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

Ever since Hello Games added building tools to No Man’s Sky, the potential had me excited. The Cyberpunk-themed Replicant City is definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen so far. Check out the city in action in the video at the top of this page.

Created by just four people over about 20 hours, the neon-filled canyon seems almost technically impossible. When asked about how some of these objects were placed in the way that they are, builder ERBurroughs told me:

“The technique allows placement of parts that may not be typically placed on a ceiling, let’s say, by forcing items in the build menu to either the right or left with a timed button press. Other glitch techniques require multiple player to place parts at the same time, effectively putting two things in one spot. Glitch builders have found items are definitely placed in the build menu in a certain order to take advantage of this “trick”. Items that rotate are next to items that do not, so you can rotate the part you use to glitch, then place the part you wanted to l, in the correct orientation. Other things we have learned while building is that as you collect blue prints, what you can glitch into place will change. Our last build required a player that did not have the Nautilon (in game submarine) in their menu to give them access to a part my 1200 hour save just can’t glitch.”

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