June 12, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

If there were to be an overpowered character in a My Hero Academia video game I’d assume it’d be All Might (he deserves it), but, to borrow the words from an onlooker, it seems someone on the development really likes Ochaco Uraraka. From what I played in my E3 demo, My Hero One’s Justice does a great job of adapting characters’ Quirks for fun moves, but certainly needs some balancing and a steadier frame rate.

A quick note: there are spoilers for villain Quirks in My Hero: One’s Justice, which is something I didn’t really expect going in. If you’re not caught up on the My Hero Academia anime, you’re definitely in spoiler territory. And even if you are caught up, some villain Quirks that haven’t been shown in the anime are revealed through gameplay. This preview is spoiler-free.

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