November 8, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

Just Cause 4’s new weather systems began as a single, small idea – adding visible wind currents to the world, allowing perennial hero Rico’s parachute-wingsuit-parachute traversal to become even more useful. But, according to game director Francesco Antolini, once that was added the team then started thinking about how it could be pushed further.

Could wind be added at ground level, and affect NPCs? What about tip over cars? What if the wind was part of a sandstorm? Or a lightning storm, to add more jeopardy? Naturally, this process eventually led to “what if there was a gigantic, man-made tornado that existed somewhere on the game’s map at all times and could suck up almost every object it passed by?” And so the team made, well, all of that.

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