September 10, 2019 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

Editor’s Note: For Gears 5, we’re reviewing the campaign and multiplayer modes separately, followed by our overall review and score. This part covers the multiplayer modes – be sure to check out our campaign review here and the overall review coming soon.

The Gears of War franchise’s multiplayer is special, and Gears 5’s selection of multiplayer modes carries on its tradition of excellence. If you want a break from the intensity of Gnasher shotgun quickdraws in Classic and Ranked Versus, you can swap over to the chaotic weapon party of Arcade. Or a group of friends can jump into a long session of Horde, or Escape if we you’re short on time. They’re all fun and tense, as always, and the impressive new additions fill gaps for certain playstyles and moods.

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