December 5, 2017 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

So far, the most common way to adapt an existing first-person shooter to VR has been to turn it into a shooting gallery, where you hold still and shoot targets as they pop up. Doom VFR is not that, at all. Instead of taking that route or converting the original version (as Bethesda did with Skyrim VR), id built VFR from the ground up as a new game that bravely embraces Doom’s love of movement and momentum. It lets you get up in the faces of demonic invaders in some of the fastest-paced VR action I’ve experienced yet.

Most VR games are afraid of motion sickness, but VFR makes energetic movement work pretty well thanks to a combination of two different forms of movement. One is the standard point-to-teleport, which activates a slow-motion effect as you target it. (You can also use that slow-mo period to aim.) At first, that seems like an enormous advantage in a game where you can easily dodge rockets fired at your face, but VFR quickly evens the odds with a ton of fast-moving, tough-as-nails demons.

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