December 6, 2017 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

So far, Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2 has been one of the most disappointing Destiny expansions to date. Its content includes a brief two- to three-hour campaign with a hollow story, a tiny public space with little to do, and just two new multiplayer maps (three on PlayStation). The only hope is that on Friday it will introduce Raid Lairs, which Bungie promises will feature new encounters, puzzles, loot, and locations to explore.

The campaign takes you inside the new Infinite Forest area of Mercury (when you’re not completing a fetch quest on one of the existing destinations) and extends itself by including the two new Strike Missions, called A Garden World and Tree of Probabilities, within the nine total missions. These Strikes are the best portion of the campaign, thanks to jaunts through moments in time that present a glimpse of Mercury when it was a much more lush, vibrant, and inviting place to visit. The two new bosses, though, waste a lot of potential. They’re mechanically interesting but so weak that they’re a pushover for any experienced Fireteam. We were left scratching our heads after defeating them in only a couple of seconds, wondering where the fight was. Thankfully, they are a tad more menacing in the Heroic Strike Playlist, where the simple scaling of enemies makes the fights more interesting because it lets the fights play out in their entirety. But that first encounter sure is underwhelming

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