July 11, 2018 CuttingEdgeTech 0Comment

In 2013, Super Mario 3D World’s ‘Adventures of Captain Toad’ challenges impressed Shigeru Miyamoto so much that he requested a full game be made out of them. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was released for Wii U a year later, comprising 68 intricate levels based on the Japanese tradition of hakoniwa, or miniature gardening. Here’s what we thought at the time:

“Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is one of the smartest, most charming puzzle games of 2014. I’d also call it one of the best platformers of the year, except these characters can’t jump. It speaks volumes about Treasure Tracker’s wit and environment design that it completely strips us of the mobility powers that we’ve come to expect from a game set in the Super Mario universe and still provides lots of interesting puzzle options.”

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