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Cygames recently announced the next Shadowverse card set – Chronogenesis. It will have 138 new cards, which is significantly more than normal, because in addition to each existing class getting 12 cards each, the new class that’s being introduced, Portalcraft, will be getting a whopping 42 cards, in order to help kickstart its collection. A new class? Yep, and that’s just one of the massive changes coming with Chronogenesis.

Chronogenesis’ release on December 28 will also see formats introduced to Shadowverse: Rotation, in which the last five sets plus the small number of Basic cards for each class will be allowed, and Unlimited, in which any cards can be played.

These are huge changes, and I’m going to deep dive on Portalcraft, the introduction of formats and the new set in three separate upcoming features, so stay tuned. (You can also read my analysis of the “Shadowverse Next” announcement here if you want more info in the interim.) Today, though, IGN has three new cards – all Bloodcraft – to reveal for you guys, and they’re not only cool, but showcase one of Chronogenesis’ new mechanics, and have some interesting potential synergies with one another. Take a look:

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